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Support the Cause You Care About Most.

We let our customers have a voice when deciding where their donations go by letting them choose which charity their money will go to before completing checkout.

I wanted to share a bit about my favorite charity and the reason behind starting this company.

You can see the image above, it's the Alzheimer's Association. 

My Nana, Alice, suffered from Alzheimer's and she passed when I was 11. She didn't remember my dad or really any of us, she was bed-ridden and had a botched cataract surgery so her vision was also going. 

I remember watching my father holding her hand and asking if she remembered him, of course, she said no. To this day I remember it like it was yesterday how he said "it's your little boy, Mike" as he was the youngest boy; she still had no clue who he was. My dad really never showed much emotion but I could tell that moment affected him.

To me forgetting your family, friends & nearly everything about your past is the worst way to pass on. I fear it might be something I might have to go through later in life as I was diagnosed with ADD in the 2nd grade, which may be a precursor to future ailments like Alzheimer's/Dementia.

So, I started Cuppa Charity Coffee Co. in my Nanas honor and to contribute to this cause as it matters deeply to me. 

I hope you all will join me in trying to make an impact on what we believe in & support us as we make our movement grow & add more charities to our donated list above!