It's In Our Name

We sell our gourmet coffee to help support charities that our customers are passionate about

Shop All Coffee & Donate

How It Works

We donate $2 for every bag sold to charities & nonprofits that our customers support. Our customers will be able to choose where their money will go by selecting which charity they would like to donate to!

*We Donate to the Alzheimer's Association by default*

charity ribbons

Good Coffee, Good Cause

  • Flavor

    Our coffee is roasted to enhance their unique, natural flavors to bring you the best flavors from around the globe

  • Roasting

    Our beans are roasted to perfection in state of the art equipment

  • Fresh

    Our coffee is roasted, packaged & immediately sent to your front door

  • Sourcing

    We carefully select coffee beans from around the world to ensure the best quality beans for your morning cup


$2 USD for every bag sold goes to a charity of our customers choice

In Control

You're in control of where your money goes. We allow our customers to choose where their money goes. Simply choose a charity at checkout!


Oh my GOSH!!! I absolutely LOVE this coffee. Best part of waking up? Move over Folgers!!

I set my coffee maker up the night before (judge me, I'm lazy) and can't wait to wake up to the smell of this amazing coffee everyday!

I love brewing a cup and watching Jeopardy! to help keep me alert. My husband is quick and always beats me by just a second so gotta stay on my toes!